New APRU Member – Tongji University
October 4, 2021

Established in 1907 as a German-style medical school in Shanghai, Tongji University has evolved into a comprehensive research-oriented university of national and international repute in the past century.

Tongji University’s name in Chinese means “we are on the same boat and sailing unitedly towards the same goal”.

Tongji University has always valued the balanced development of talent cultivation, scientific research, community service, cultural inheritance and innovation, and international cooperation. Today, it is home to more than 36,000 students and 3,000 faculty. Its significant research achievements include key technologies for long-span bridges, intelligent transportation systems for urban areas, technologies for anti-seismic structures, development of new energy vehicles, intelligent greenhouse control systems and many other breakthroughs in medical and life science research.

The University is also keen to explore new approaches for social services and has created a new model for partnership by collaborating with the local government, for instance, the Shanghai Research Institute for Intelligent Autonomous System, established in 2018 with the support of Shanghai municipal government, is dedicated to tackling cutting-edge research problems as a hub for AI innovations.

Sustainability permeates the research and education programs of the university. Tongji aims at cultivating student leaders of sustainable development who are equipped with profound knowledge, hands-on skills, innovative mindsets, global perspectives, and a good sense of social responsibilities. A global leader in green campus and sustainable development, Tongji was the first Asia-Pacific university receiving the International Sustainable Campus Excellence Award in 2012.

Building on its historic ties with Germany, the University is dedicated to enhancing its international collaboration and has spread its international network across Europe and further expanded it to North America, Asia and Africa. Today, Tongji has established 12 international cooperation platforms and has entered into partnership agreements with more than 200 universities worldwide and established research centers with multi-national companies.

“Tongji University shares the vision of APRU and aspires to work with members across the Asia-Pacific region,” President Chen Jie remarks. “By synergising our international strategies and efforts, to serve the wider community and address imminent global concerns.”


  • 82 undergraduate majors and 26 master’s programs from 45 academic disciplines
  • 9 professional doctoral programs from 33 academic disciplines
  • 29 colleges and schools, 9 affiliated hospitals, 6 affiliated elementary and secondary schools
  • 31 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering among its faculty
  • 17 state key labs and research centers
  • 70 provincial and ministerial-level labs and engineering/technology research centers

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