UN ESCAP-APRU-Google AI for Social Good Summit, November 2020

November was AI for Social Good Month. Join a series of investigative discussions, conversations, and policy briefings with leading AI thinkers and doers from Asia and beyond. More information on the summit website at: https://apru.org/aiforsocialgood/.

  • View the recording of the individual sessions here.
  • Find policy insight briefs developed from the summit, four abilities to government (I) and seven challenges to govern AI (II)
  • Read a full report of the Artificial Intelligence for Social Good Project here.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) demonstrates immense potential in bringing about economic and social benefits by revolutionizing areas such as communications, healthcare, public services, finance, and education. However, the benefits of AI’s transformative potential are at risk of being offset by a list of challenges.

The AI for Social Good Summit is a regional gathering of experts and practitioners in artificial intelligence and governance. It aims to bridge the AI knowledge gap between academics and decision-makers in the Asia-Pacific region and to facilitate the creation of sensible AI policies.


APRU Disclaimer: The views, information, or opinions expressed during the UN ESCAP-APRU-Google AI for Social Good Summit are solely those of the individuals involved and do not necessarily represent those of The Association of Pacific Rim Universities (“APRU”) and its employees.  APRU is not responsible and does not verify for accuracy any of the information contained in the series.