2nd APRU Summer Seminar on the Digital Economy

The 2nd APRU Digital Economy Summer Seminar hosted by Keio University in partnership with APIDE (the Asia Pacific Institute for the Digital Economy) took place this year in downtown Tokyo and Nagano Prefecture from 21st – 26th August 2016



The Seminar was attended by 16 APRU Digital Economy Summer Seminar Fellows, representing eight governments in the Asia Pacific region including Japan, China, Korea, the United States, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia.


Over 25 APRU university-affiliated faculty contributed to the Seminar while Industry representatives from the Aspen Institute, NTT Corporation, Biz Mobile, the Japan Network Information Center (JPNIC), the Internet Corporation for Assigning Names and Numbers (ICANN), and Google also participated.


Over the five days of the Summer Seminar, which was held under Chatham House rules, the APRU Faculty and Fellows held intensive and wide-ranging discussions concerning the present and future of the Digital Economy in the Asia Pacific region.


The Seminar Report provides a summary of discussions across 11 sessions and features a list of key points that will highlight and guide future research and advocacy efforts.


For more information visit the Summer Seminar web pages.