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Asia-Pacific Women in Leadership (APWiL) Planning Meeting and Workshop 2013

The University of Tokyo organized the APRU Asia-Pacific Women in Leadership (APWiL) Planning Meeting and Wokrshop on 6 March 2013 prior to APRU’s Senior Staff Meeting (SSM) in Tokyo, Japan.

Discussions at the meeting included shaping a development plan for the APWiL program as well a dialogue on various leadership challenges faced by women in higher education. Meeting participants agreed that the rationale for developing the APWiL program should be supported by empirical data, thus a vital component of the initiative should include data collection on female representation in university governance, management and student population in each member institution as well as information on governance structures, policies, strategies and initiatives in support of women. This would help in establishing institutional sharing among APRU members in terms of determining best practices and assessing its applicability in other APRU universities. Another key suggestion was a possible presentation at the upcoming Annual Presidents Meeting in June. The presentation aims to elicit the support of APRU presidents on the importance of diversity in leadership and how the leadership development of women in academia can contribute to increasing the leadership capacity of member institutions in general.

The meeting was attended by APRU Senior Staff and faculty from 15 member institutions whereby key outcomes were reported at the SSM on 7 March.

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