14th Multi-Hazards Symposium 2018

14th APRU Multi-Hazards Symposium
October 21-24 at Australian National University, Australia

Risk, Resilience and Reconstruction: Science and Governance for Effective Disaster Risk Reduction and Recovery in Australia and the Asia-Pacific

The 14th APRU Multi-Hazards Symposium focused on how close association and collaboration between academia and governance on a local, national and regional level can address education, public outreach, infrastructure construction, disaster management, emergency rescue and hazard recovery in the field of disaster risk reduction.

Keynote speakers:
– Distinguished Professor Susan Cutter from University of South Carolina
– Vulnerability and Resilience Science: Concepts, Tools, and Practice
– Professor Kyle Powys Whyte from Michigan State University
– On Indigenous Resilience: Histories, Theories and Practices

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