For the Global Common Good: APRU and the China-US Research Landscape

A core purpose of the Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU) is building collaboration between leading research universities to address global challenges.


China and the United States are the most productive research leaders in the international community. Their research relationship, in terms of co-publications, is the largest globally. Universities from these two countries comprise almost half of APRU’s members.


Using Elsevier’s Bibliometric tools, Scopus and SciVal, this report, as part of an ongoing collaboration between Elsevier and APRU, provides an overview of the China-US research relationship and in the context of the collective research output of APRU universities.


As we confront overlapping global crises, this report indicates the enduring strength of the China-US research relationship as well as the high research capabilities of APRU member universities. It also shows that much could be achieved by acting together for the common good through research collaboration on selected Sustainable Development Goals and on COVID-19 and broader pandemic research.


This report was created following discussions between APRU and Elsevier.