APRU Presidents’ Statement on Gender Equity and Diversity
June 2016

Leaders at the APRU Annual Presidents’ Meeting agree to ratify the APRU Statement on Gender Equity and Diversity. The meeting took place at the University of Malaya in 2016.

APRU Presidents’ Statement

We believe that universities enhance their contribution to society through accessing the talents of diverse communities. APRU has the opportunity to demonstrate thought leadership, both within and outside the network, to advance equity and diversity across its member universities.

We recognize that our universities operate within different contexts and are at different points in progressing these objectives.

As university presidents we see consensus on policy principles as an opportunity to unify the network and demonstrate the added value of an international alliance.

We therefore endorse the following principles:

Diversity at all levels is a key factor in the success of universities.

The achievement of diversity requires a commitment to promoting equity and bringing about the associated changes that result in positive and powerful outcomes.

APRU universities will work towards making gender equity an integral part of their diversity strategy, organizational structure and culture including their strategic objectives and senior accountabilities.

APRU universities will develop a clear, consistent and sustainable policy framework appropriate to their diverse contexts that guides, promotes and reinforces their commitment to gender equity and diversity.

APRU universities will commit to collecting and using data to measure progress and inform future strategy and policy.

APRU Presidents
Kuala Lumpur
June 2016