30 Innovations: Linking DRR with SDGs

This publication entitled “30 Innovations linking DRR with SDGs” is the second volume in the “30 Innovations” series, and includes an additional 30 innovations focusing on 10 sectors— Emergency response, Gender, Health, Agriculture, Water, Children, Education, Disabilities, Livelihood, and Early warning—to demonstrate the strong association between DRR and SDGs. These 10 sectors were selected following detailed discussions by a group of experts in DRR, taking into consideration the 17 SDGs.

Similar to the first volume, another survey was conducted on the most effective DRR innovations, which received 200 responses from academia, governments, the private sector, NGOs, and international and regional organizations. The innovation that was selected as the most effective from the 30 listed items in this publication was “Ecosystem-based DRR” under the “Livelihood” section. The outcome shows that we should consider how to maintain or channel these existing ideas, instead of focusing on developing expensive new technologies that require complicated procedures to apply.

A first volume “30 Innovations for Disaster Risk Reduction” was released at the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction held in Geneva in May 2019. Find out more information here.