The New York Times

APRU has been partnering with The New York Times on their annual joint Asia Pacific Case Competitions raising awareness amongst future leaders on key societal and environmental challenges affecting the region. Entries of the winning teams are published to a global audience in the The New York Times International Edition.

In partnership with The New York Times, APRU hosts the annual Asia-Pacific Student Case Competition. Reaching out to over two million students across the Asia Pacific, the competition raises awareness on issues of urgent importance, such as the digital economy, the future of work, environmental changes, and the Pacific Ocean. This annual competition gives students the chance to be published in The New York Times International Edition and read by an audience of global thought leaders.

Aims and Objectives

To bring together students from the Asia-Pacific region and provide them with the opportunity to apply quantitative and qualitative analytical skills to real-life events, and enhance communications skills.

To encourage students to develop a global mind-set and sharpen their critical thinking by reading news from reputable and trustworthy sources covering a diverse range of subjects, and keeping abreast of current affairs.

To highlight the opinions of students on key the issues facing the Asia-Pacific region among university presidents, international officials, policy makers, and industry leaders.