Rethinking the City

By 2050, urban areas will account for nearly two out of three people and create three-quarters of the world’s emissions. In the face of unprecedented population growth and climate change, we need to better understand and manage the interconnection between cities and their surrounding ecology.

We cannot ignore that our cities are inextricably linked and a part of nature, not separate from it. Understanding the interconnection between human activity, resource use, protecting biodiversity and the interdependence between cities themselves is essential to solve the critical sustainability issues facing the Pacific Rim societies. The APRU Sustainable Cities and Landscapes Program hosted by the University of Oregon aims to unite policy-makers, researchers, and practitioners from across disciplines to find answers to the big social, urban, and ecological questions of our time.

In one of the world’s most rapidly urbanizing regions, interconnection is key to solving critical sustainability issues facing the Pacific Rim, including supplying adequate food, water, and energy, while preserving vulnerable populations and ecosystems. APRU seeks to make these interconnections and draw on the strengths of differences across the region, using different viewpoints to solve urban and sustainability challenges that transcend city and country boundaries in the Pacific Rim.

Program Website at Oregon University
Bart Johnson, Program Chair
Chair, University of Oregon
Yekang Ko, Program Director
University of Oregon
Dennis Galvan & Yizhao Yang
University of Oregon
Jennifer Amparo & Armin Sarthou
Jr., University of the Philippines
Paola Boarin
University of Auckland
Chun-Yen Chang
National Taiwan University
Shengquan Che
Shanghai Jiatong University
Chingwen Cheng
Arizona State University
Jinhyun Chon
Korea University
Makena Coffman
University of Hawai’i at Manoa
John Dunn I. & Ximena Córdova Vallejo
Universidad San Francisco de Quito
Robert Dyball
Australian National University
Catherine Evans
University of New South Wales
Jeff Hou, Nancy Rottle & Anne Taufen
University of Washington
Yong Guo
Tsinghua University
Yun Hye Hwang
National University of Singapore
Beatriz Maturana Cossio
University of Chile
Roberto Ponce Lopez
Tec de Monterrey
Natalia Echeverri
The University of Hong Kong
Hongyang Wang
Nanjing University
Mohammed Ali Berawi
Universitas Indonesia
Christina Schönleber
APRU International Secretariat
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