Yonsei Global Summit
December 7, 2015

President Kap-Young Jeong of Yonsei University hosted a summit of university presidents and scholars 26-27 October, 2015, to mark the 130th anniversary of the university.  The three themes were:

  1. Asia and Asian Leadership Education
  2. Liberal Arts and Residential Education
  3. The Challenges of 21st Century Higher Education: The Role of University Networks

Speakers included President Peter Mathieson (University of Hong Kong), President Atsushi Seike (Keio University), William Overholt (Harvard University Asia Center), Provost Steven Garton (University of Sydney), Rector Yves Flueckiger (University of Genea) and Prof Katsuichi Uchida (President of APAIE). Secretary General Chris Tremewan led off with a presentation prior to the panel on University Networks.