Urban Resilience Asia Pacific Conference
September 11, 2018

Urban Resilience Asia Pacific Conference
7-8 November 2018: UNSW Sydney, Australia

How can vulnerable, low-income neighborhoods in fast-growing cities in the Asia-Pacific region become more resilient to disasters and climate change?


Asia Pacific is one of the world’s fastest urbanizing regions, as well as home to the largest number of people living in low-income settlements. Yet, the region is susceptible to a wide range of natural hazards. It is expected that climate change will contribute to higher sea-level rise, stronger windstorms and higher temperatures, increasing urban risk and exacerbating migration.

This two-day conference invites practitioners, researchers and decision-makers from all disciplines to present, discuss, debate and recommend realizable social, political and economic measures that build resilience in the Asia-Pacific region. 

The conference will address four key themes:

Innovation: actions that improve processes and/or products either incrementally or radically
Information: access to information and its societal benefits
Infrastructure: equitable access to infrastructure and pro-poor approaches to planning
Institutions: Effective governance structures and urban management

For all conference inquiries, please contact Laura Bruce at [email protected]