UN Habitat-UN ESCAP-APRU-NJU Sustainable Cities Forum
January 29, 2019

February 27- February 28, 2019
Host by: Nanjing University

This two-day Forum, organized in collaboration with Nanjing University, UN Habitat and United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UN ESCAP), is bringing together invited sustainable cities scholars from the Asia Pacific with experts from UN-Habitat and UN ESCAP, regional and local policy makers, and city officials.

UN ESCAP and UN-Habitat in partnership with the European Commission, The Rockefeller Foundation, the Asian Development Bank, Singapore’s Centre for Liveable Cities, and UNDP are producing a major Report on cities in the Asia-Pacific region, entitled, the Future of Asia and Pacific Cities 2019 Report.

The Report, with its holistic and future-oriented nature, aims to represent and lead to the paradigm shift by forming new guidelines for sustainable cities development in the Asia-Pacific Region.

This event facilitated discussions relating to challenges on urban planning, resilience and sustainability, arising from accelerated technological development, and changing social and economic dynamics across the region with the aim to inspire new thinking and support this required paradigm shift to achieve sustainable cities development across the region.