UC Davis / UNSW Partnership On Food And Nutrition Science
August 11, 2020

The University of California DAVIS (UC Davis) and the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Sydney, Australia are excited to enter into a partnership on Food and Nutrition Science. The program is built around the strategic axes of student exchange, research collaboration and exploration of joint funding opportunities.

UC Davis is consistently listed in the top global rankings for its Food, Health and Nutrition program and UNSW is home to one of the largest engineering faculties in the Southern Hemisphere. Together both institutions will be able to push the needle toward ambitious new goals.

Among the broad range of opportunities provided through this partnership a few aspects underline the strength of this project. Both Universities are active members in the APRU academic networks and importantly the Californian and the Australian geographies share a common agricultural heritage of innovation that has guided the world with superior standards of food quality and safety.

As leading institutions of higher education this partnership will promote student engagement & exchange. It is envisaged that the partnership will support bilateral exchange of students across the food and nutrition domain. Both institutions are working to identify ways to enable exchange and identify compatibility of degrees and educational opportunities to be shared abroad.

Academic collaboration and joint projects will shape the future of global food & nutrition degrees. This partnership highlights emerging projects across the disciplines of food, nutrition and sensation with broad mapping approaches around the globe. Mapping the actual composition of crops in California and Australia as well as mapping the technologies that are used to process those crops and their effects on composition are crucial with vital outcomes matched with the health consequences of those processed foods when consumed.

In relation to the SDGs both parties will work to strengthen a single framework for the evaluation of underlying quality value propositions (safety, nourishment, sustainability, cost, organoleptic) of specific food materials and with this it is expected the food and Nutrition field opens pathways of trusted communication channels for the publication and dissemination of food related insights.

An inaugural symposium is being planned toward the end of 2020 featuring key scientists and academics.

UC Davis: Professor Bruce German, [email protected]
UNSW: Professor Johannes le Coutre, [email protected]