Towards an Inclusive Blue Economy
February 12, 2019

What must be done to achieve an inclusive blue economy where everyone shares fairly in the benefits the ocean brings, and neither marine life nor people are negatively affected by policies or practice?

Join this event hosted by the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) to discuss how to develop a marine ecosystem that is fair and sustainable with leading experts, share ideas and initiate changes to achieve this goal.

Speakers include  

  • Prof Rashid Sumaila, Director, Fisheries Economics Research Unit, University of British Columbia
  • Lena Westlund, International Fisheries Analyst, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
  • Prof William Cheung, Director (Science), NF-UBC Nereus Program; Principal Investigator, Changing Ocean Research Unit, University of British Columbia
  • Editrudith Lukanga, Executive director, Environment Management and Economic Development Organization (EMEDO), Tanzania; Secretary general, African Women Fish Processors and Traders Network (AWFishNet)
  • Mitchell Lay, Program Coordinator, Caribbean Network of Fisherfolk Organisations
  • Dr Ekaterina Popova, National Oceanography Centre, University of Southampton

Please see the draft programme on the IEED web site

For more details about this event email Anne Schulthess at  [email protected]