Sustainable Trade Challenge: Rewrite the Rules for Better Trade
November 28, 2018

The global rules-based trading system is facing its biggest threat in recent history as protectionist forces are on the march across many developed countries in the West. Although the enthusiasm in Asia for trade does not appear to have waned; however, countries in Asia, especially the richer ones, have broadly regressed in terms of trade sustainability, with improvements in the economic pillar more than offset by significant declines in the social and environmental pillars.

To help transform the future of global trade, APRU and the Hinrich Foundation joined forces to launch the 2018 Sustainable Trade Challenge to develop innovative policy and industry solutions for strengthening trade sustainability, making trade more beneficial for societies and economies.

The 2018 Sustainable Trade Challenge is an international competition aimed at graduate students across the Asia Pacific. Interested participants can be either individuals or in teams of maximum five. Students from different universities are eligible to participate on the same team. They must still be enrolled at university in March 2019 when the winners are announced.

The 2018 Sustainable Trade Challenge is a great opportunity for graduate students across the Asia Pacific, especially the ones with background in business, international relations and public policy, to gain recognition, build network, experience and CV, while helping shape the future of trade, making the world a better place for generations to come. All submissions will be reviewed by a panel of prominent trade experts from the UN ESCAP and ADB. The winner(s) will receive USD cash prize.

The extended registration deadline: November 15, 2018

Submission deadline: January 22, 2019

Winners Announcement: March 15, 2019

For further inquiries, Please Contact: [email protected]