Restored ocean will alleviate poverty, provide jobs and improve global health, finds new report
June 5, 2017

A healthy ocean will benefit global sustainable development in a number of ways, finds a new report published today by the Nereus Program, a collaboration between the Nippon Foundation and the University of British Columbia. With climate change and social inequity addressed, restoring the ocean will help alleviate poverty, provide livelihoods, and improve the health of millions around the world.

“The challenges—both environmental and socioeconomic—that confront our oceans have reached a critical level,” said Yoshitaka Ota, Nippon Foundation-Nereus Program Director of Policy. “This report demonstrates how ocean sustainability holds the key not only to our future prosperity but also for our survival from a comprehensive science-based perspective.”

University of British Columbia and the University of Washington, both members of APRU, are part of the Nereus Program. Professor Ota, Director of Policy, and Dr William Cheung, Director of Science, Nereus Program, will be speaking about Climate Change and Social Equity, and Pacific Ocean Sustainability at the upcoming APRU 21st Annual Presidents’ Meeting and Presidential Meeting.