New APRU Member – Kyushu University
June 11, 2021

Situated in Fukuoka, a city historically known as Japan’s gateway to Asia and the rest of the world, Kyushu University (Kyushu) is the 4th oldest national university in Japan founded in 1911.

A research-orientated higher education institution, Kyushu has gained world-class research excellence in energy, life and biological sciences, future medical care, sustainable environment and many other areas. The new, state-of-art Ito Campus is designed for the development of the next-generation technologies, with particular focus on the environment and energy-related research. Blessed with an abundance of nature and history, this new campus is a comprehensive research center that reflects Kyushu’s high regard for the preservation of green areas, groundwater, landscape, and historical remains, and has achieved harmonious co-existence with its surrounding natural environment.

Committed to building a carbon-neutral energy society and mitigating climate change, the International Institute for Carbon-Neutral Energy Research (I2CNER) has been conducting cutting-edge research on energy issues and was recognized the world premier status of WPI Academy Center establishing a network worldwide. The project “Development of Global CO2 Recycling Technology towards “Beyond-Zero” Emission” led by Distinguished Professor Shigenori Fujikawa was selected as one of the Japanese government’s Moonshot Projects. In April 2021, the University launched the Research Center for Negative Emission Technology which is dedicated to research on deploying sustainable resource circulation to recover the global environment.

Kyushu also has a long history of collaboration with Asian universities. In 2020, the “Asia Week” was held virtually for the first time alongside with the Asian and Oceanian Studies annual symposium which attracted over 2,500 participants to discuss on issues related to sustainable development goals in Asia. Asia Week 2021 will be held this fall.

“Kyushu University is committed to address grand challenges especially on climate change and energy related issues”, says President Tatsuro Ishibashi on the university’s aspirations of joining APRU. “With our research strengths in low-carbon and negative emissions technologies, our university can contribute to providing opportunities for sharing expertise and experience and creating dialogue among APRU members on tackling 21st century challenges.”

Key facts and figures of Kyushu:

  • Year of establishment: 1911
  • Campuses: Ito (275 hectares in area, largest single campus in Japan), Beppu, Chikushi, Hakozaki, Ohashi, and Hospital
  • 18,566 students, 17 faculties
  • 12 undergraduate schools, 18 graduate schools
  • 5 research institutes, a hospital, and over 50 affiliated research centres
  • Approx. 2,300 international students from 97 countries and regions
  • Over 140 partner universities worldwide for education and research collaboration

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