Multilateral Research for the Public Good
March 7, 2019

Vested with immense power to transform economies and nations, Asia-Pacific research universities have always been at the forefront tackling some of the most pressing challenges facing the region. From inequality to rapid urbanization and from climate change to shifting global economies, how can Asia-Pacific research universities continue to navigate the uncertainty while maintaining their mission to serve the bigger communities? In partnership with Times Higher Education, APRU member institution UNSW Sydney recently hosted a group of international experts at “Times Higher Education Research Excellence Summit Asia-Pacific—Research for the Public Good” conference on February 19-21 to learn about expert insights in search of answers to this question.

APRU Secretary General, Chris Tremewan, gave introductory comments in“The necessity of partnerships and funding diversity to sustain research in the Asia-Pacific region” session to emphasize the importance of higher education in the APEC context. He also spoke about the policy agenda initiatives APRU has taken to serve the region’s public good in both the past and the future.

In addition to being a session discussant, Dr. Tremewan also penned an opinion piece, titled, The Network as Catalyst, for THE Asia-Pacific University Rankings 2019 supplement, which included results of THE Asia-Pacific University Rankings, published during the summit.

“Multilateral efforts can leverage the resources and capabilities of individual institutions into world-changing collaborations,” says Christopher Tremewan.

The piece urged research universities to take into consideration of geopolitical climate and other external factors that would minimize the societal impact for their focus on the public good to go beyond just a token gesture. Research universities across the Asia Pacific should leverage their collective capabilities into international public policy and to mobilize their resources of knowledge and innovation to further advance the global common good.

The 2019 THE Research Excellence Summit aims to address contemporary issues on the contribution of universities and industry to the good of society. The summit explores the theme of research as a public good in the context of Asia-Pacific region as well as its impact in improving world at large.

To read Dr. Tremewan’s opinion piece here

To read Dr. Tremewan’s transcript here