CARe2018 Climate Adaptation & Resilience Conference
September 27, 2018

CARe2018 Climate Adaptation & Resilience Conference
October 27-29, 2018 at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Extreme weather events have affected human’s life and home affairs. It reflects the urge that we need new multi-discipline policies and public and private investments to defend against this condition.

This October, the CARe2018 Conference brings together a wide range of experts and stakeholders across industry and business sectors, as well as from local and regional authorities to learn and examine what would make cities and region climate resilience.

The conference will showcase policies and practices that promote infrastructure investments which bring resilience to cities and regions; as well as good practices for public sector officers and communities to share and build capacity.

The four key focus areas are:

  1. Climate extremes & water security
  2. Excess water risks & challenges
  3. Coastal ocean-related challenge
  4. Public policy & Tertiary

The conference includes two-day expert plenaries and breakout workshops at HKUST campus, and a one-day public day at HKUST Business School Central.

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