Asia and Europe Dialogue on Growing the Digital Economy
December 11, 2017

November 6-7, 2017—APRU announced the Asia and Europe Dialogue on Growing the Digital Economy in partnership with The Asia Pacific Institute for the Digital Economy. The Association hosted the event at the School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), John Hopkins University, Washington D.C, to build on its strength and interest in digitization.

The Dialogue explored ways to spur development of the emerging Digital Economy, bringing together Asian and European research. It featured discussions and talks from both governments, experts, and leaders from the private-sector policy circles on the tools needed to manage the developing Digital Economy.

The first in a series, this event in November preceded further discussion at the following sessions in Tokyo (Spring 2018) and Brussels (Fall 2018).

1. Benchmark growth and future of Digital Economy in Europe and Asia.
2. Identify opportunities for enhanced intra-regional cooperation promoting “digitalization” of key sectors.
3. Highlight steps needed for a stronger convergence of EU and Asia-Pacific approaches to privacy, cybersecurity, intellectual property and competition policy.
4. Identify institutions and policy mechanisms that may drive global “digital” agenda based on the shared priorities between Europe and Asia.

1. Moving from an “Internet” to a “Digital” Economy
2. Building a “Common Market” for Data between Europe and Asia
3. Collaborating on “Digitalization” between Europe and Asia
4. Rethinking Intellectual Property and Competition Policy
5. Managing Transformative Digital Technologies
6. A Digital Policy Agenda for the Global Economy

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