APRU China Roundtable Meeting
January 18, 2017

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The International Secretariat hosted a roundtable for APRU’s China members on 9-10 January 2017. The discussion was most helpful in celebrating APRU’s headquarters location in China and in setting out ways in which the organisation can bring more value to its China members.


Ms Ann TANG, Deputy Director, Foreign Affairs Office, Fudan University
Dr Eden WOON, Vice-President for Institutional Advancement, HKUST
Dr Timothy SZE, Head of Mainland Affairs, HKUST
Prof PU Lijie, Associate Vice President, Nanjing University
Mrs XU Xin, Deputy Section Chief for International Exchange, Nanjing University
Dr XIA Hongwei, Director, Office of International Relations, Peking University
Mr ZHANG Jian, Assistant Dean (Global partnerships, International Office), Tsinghua University
Mr XIA Guangzhi, Associate Dean, External & Public Relations and Information Services, Tsinghua University Graduate School at Shenzhen
Prof John KAO, Vice-President and Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Global), The University of Hong Kong
Mr JIANG Jiajie, Vice Director, Office of International Cooperation, University of Science and Technology of China
Prof LI Min, Deputy Director, Office of International Relations, Zhejiang University
Dr Christopher Tremewan, Secretary General, APRU International Secretariat
Mr Keith Wong, Director, APRU International Secretariat
Ms Christina Schönleber, Deputy Director, APRU International Secretariat
Mr Daniel Liew, Honorary General Council, APRU International Secretariat
Ms Florence Chan, Office Manager/EA to Secretary General, APRU International Secretariat