Amplifying Impact: Transformative Solutions to Asia-Pacific Challenges
January 25, 2019

What’s next for international higher education as its focus is shifting towards the Asia Pacific? APEC region currently makes up 60% of the global gross domestic product and 47% global trade, China’s rapid growth as a global economic and technological power has endowed its higher education with substantial increase in investment. Across the globe, changing student demographics and market demands have increasingly forced many top international higher academic institutions to question their long held assumption and rethink their longstanding processes. Held on January 20-23 in San Francisco, 2019 Association of International Education Administrations (AIEA) Annual Conference convened a group of higher education leaders to discuss the possibilities and probabilities for higher education in this time of internationalization.

As part of the conference, APRU held a session drawing on the research findings of APRU’s 2018 Impact Report. Entitled, Amplifying Impact, Transformative Solutions to Asia-Pacific Challenges, the report examplifies the ways in which APRU research universities are responding to the complexity of global challenges by engendering new models of collaboration across disciplines, bringing the social sciences and humanities (SSH) into partnership with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

Chaired by Christopher Tremewan (APRU Secretary General) along with session speakers, Cindy Fan (Vice Provost for International Studies and Global Engagement, UCLA), Sabrina Lin (Vice-President for Institutional Advacement, HKUST) and Dennis Galvan (Vice Provost for International Affairs, University of Oregon), the APRU session highlighted the value of a strategy of international collaboration among research universities and with the international community to address global challenges. It  also discussed new perspectives on Asia-Pacific higher education internationalization strategies.

Furthermore, the session specifically addressed topics, such as strategies and models for international collaboration in the Asia-Pacific context, role of research universities and their networks, social science and humanities and STEM, interdisciplinarity in a science and technology-focused university, and Asia-Pacific women in leadership amplifies the voice of knowledge and innovation.

Back (L-R): Dennis Galvan (Vice Provost for International Affairs, University of Oregon), Sabrina Lin (Vice-President for Institutional Advacement, HKUST), Christopher Tremewan (APRU Secretary General). Front(L): Cindy Fan (Vice Provost for International Studies and Global Engagement, UCLA)
















APRU hosted a breakfast meeting on January 22 to announce major 2019 APRU events with 20 delegates from member universities.

The Association of International Education Administrators (AIEA) Annual Conference brings together international education leaders into dialogue with each other, giving members opportunities to join forces, share institutional strategies, and provide an effective voice on matters of public policy.