University of the Philippines

President: Atty. Angelo A. Jimenez

Senior International Leader: Dr. Leo D.P. Cubillan, Vice President for Academic Affairs



The University of the Philippines System is a public non-sectarian, non-profit institution of higher learning. The mission of the University System is to provide advanced instruction in literature, philosophy, the sciences and arts; to give professional and technical training; and to encourage and undertake research and contribute to the growth and dissemination of knowledge.

The University of the Philippines is the nation’s leading institution devoted to higher education, research, and community service, through the concerted application of science, technology, and the behavioral sciences to the problems of society. It serves as an effective instrument of national development, while maintaining its commitment to the arts, letters, and humanities, as well as to the pursuit of truth and the highest standards of academic excellence.

Established in 1908, UP started as a small campus with only seven (7) colleges. Today, the University is comprised of seven constituent universities located in twelve (12) campuses throughout the Philippine archipelago. UP’s constituent universities nurture the intellectual and cultural growth of the Filipino through 246 undergraduate and 362 graduate programs. No other academic institution in the country can match the scope and range of the University’s course offerings that include almost all disciplines and embrace all interests and inclinations. Over the years, UP has made a reputation for itself as a research and graduate university that produces scientific and creative outputs of the highest quality which receive both national and in international recognition.