University of California, Davis

Chancellor: Professor Gary S. May


Senior International Leader: Professor Joanna Regulska, Vice Provost and Dean of Global Affairs



Inspired by our land-grant heritage and focused on the future, at UC Davis we seek real-world solutions that sustain life on earth and improve the quality of life for people everywhere.


For nearly 100 years our community has dedicated its diverse intellectual resources to high-impact innovation. Our work has had a profound effect on California’s agricultural dominance in the U.S. and has advanced veterinary medicine by pioneering disciplines from urology to orthopedic surgery. And we were home to artists who launched the “California Funk” movement, bringing recognition to California as an art center.


Today, our researchers are working to find solutions to global problems such as avian flu and West Nile virus, while others are in the national spotlight raising public awareness about the importance of strong levees, healthy food and alternative energy sources to sustain our world.