The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

President: Professor Nancy Y. Ip

Senior International Leader: Professor Yang Wang, Vice-President for Institutional Advancement 


Established in 1991, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) is a world-class international research university dedicated to cutting-edge education and research. The University was founded with a mission to advance learning and knowledge through teaching and research, particularly in science, technology, engineering, management and business studies complemented by humanities and social sciences, and to assist Hong Kong’s socio-economic development. In just over 30 years, this young and high-achieving University has risen with miraculous speed to take its place among elite institutions, climbing to the peaks of international esteem and receiving numerous honors and accolades.

HKUST ranks No.58 globally among 1,500 universities in 2023 and No.3 in the world’s top 400 young universities in 2022 by Times Higher Education (THE). Our Schools also fly high individually. The School of Engineering is ranked No.26 in the THE World University Rankings by Subject – Engineering and Technology (2022) and No.3 in Greater China. HKUST Business School’s sought-after Kellogg-HKUST Executive MBA (EMBA) program has also topped the Financial Times EMBA global rankings eleven times from 2007-2022.

At HKUST, we are committed to achieving excellence in education and research and to ensuring we contribute to solving the great challenges of our time, including sustainability, energy, healthcare, and more. Our research culture nurtures and facilitates collaboration and innovation, which is why our campus is a magnet for some of the best and brightest minds. Researchers at the University are encouraged to take a multidisciplinary approach, to explore and collaborate across scientific and geographical frontiers, and to engage with decision-makers, industry, and the public in pursuit of improving people’s lives. The diverse discoveries made by our researchers across the Schools of EngineeringScienceBusiness and Management, and Humanities and Social Science have led to many ground-breaking additions to the global knowledge base as well as practical technologies and applications transferrable to the world. We frequently partner with leading industries, and support and facilitate entrepreneurship among our students and faculty. Furthering our mission of providing holistic education to our students, we welcomed the new Shaw Auditorium in November 2021. The venue is home to HKUST’s cultural activities and a new landmark for large-scale events, providing new flexibilities and possibilities to create a vibrant art and cultural scene at the University.

HKUST is well-positioned and will continue to enthusiastically support members to pursue curiosity-driven investigations in any discipline within our established academic scope. The University is motivated to facilitate mission-encouraged research and learning in response to numerous challenges and opportunities with great societal implications. We recognize that the success of such pursuits requires expertise across disciplines along with necessary institution-wide structures and resources. It is impressive that with the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping across the world, members of HKUST have stepped up and made numerous highly recognized contributions to help address the needs. Such societal missions can provide long-lasting satisfaction and substantial encouragement to our research and teaching scope. A primary focus of our strategic plan is the conceptualization and implementation of the dual support of both curiosity-driven and mission-encouraged pursuits, in systematic manners, through reimagined academic programs and structures. Clearly, increased resources and new physical infrastructure are necessary to encourage cross-disciplinary collaboration and to promote world-leading ambition to our entire HKUST community.

In September 2022, we entered a brand-new era of “HKUST2.0” with the opening of The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Guangzhou) (HKUST(GZ)), our state-of-the-art new campus in Nansha, Guangzhou. Under the “Unified HKUST, Complementary Campuses” framework, HKUST and HKUST(GZ) will forge together “HKUST 2.0”, a blueprint for next-generation pedagogies that take advantage of the complementary academic structures and shared resources to nurture forward-looking and creative talents, as well as pioneer a new way forward in higher education.

With our strong ties to global institutions and wide-ranging connections with Mainland China; our championing of interdisciplinary studies; a dedication to educating well-rounded, innovative and entrepreneurial students who flourish in today’s world; our role as a meeting point for the world’s top minds as crystallized in the HKUST Jockey Club Institute for Advanced Study; and our spectacular and inspirational coastal campus, HKUST is a key destination for students and faculty members seeking to achieve excellence within a supportive, multicultural and high-powered environment.

Going forward, HKUST continues to nurture future innovators, forge new frontiers, lead the way locally, nationally, and globally, and make a meaningful difference, under the guidance and directions defined in the HKUST Strategic Plan 2021-2028.

Schools, Program Offices and Institutes: