WORKSHOP: Using Coronavirus to Teach Science

Organiser: University of Oregon

In this new global landscape, how can educators incorporate coronavirus examples to enhance student learning? In this four-week workshop, educators will practice applying principles of active learning, inclusivity, and assessment to develop student learning activities focused on coronavirus in their discipline. Disciplines might include global health, mathematical modeling, biology, epidemiology, sustainability, city planning, and others.

  • Application Deadline: June 20, 2020

  • Cost: $500 U.S. dollars (If you are interested in attending, but the fee is a barrier, please contact us)

  • Details: July 6 – July 29, 2020

  • Time: Workshops will be offered at two different times to accommodate a global audience.

  • Mondays and Wednesdays 7-9 a.m. Pacific Time (Central European/Middle East/Africa Time)

  • Mondays and Wednesdays 5-7 p.m. Pacific Time (Asia Pacific Time)

We look forward to learning together with a group of educators from around the globe. Please be in touch with Elly Vandegrift, Program Director for Global STEM Education Initiatives with any questions.