Japan and the World in the Era of COVID-19: Considering whether the new paradigm is a crisis or an opportunity

Organiser: Keio University

COVID-19 brings significant impacts on peoples, countries, and the world. We consider that it will bring earth-shattering changes in the future. By examining Japan’s response to the first wave of COVID-19, the analyses implied that vulnerabilities on informational infrastructure and delay of innovations and social implementation were showed in several cases.

To gain a deep understanding of the new paradigm, Keio University has organized four webinars bi-weekly from June 17 to July 29. The series include a broad range of topics from health, technology, economy to law. Experts from Japan and around the world provide international perspectives based on their actively involvement in fighting against COVID-19.

Register here for the upcoming webinars in Japanese.

View recording here in English.

The final discussion on July 29 will be in English. Please see more information about the webinars at https://www.kgri.keio.ac.jp/en/news-event/070204.html