The 3rd International Conference on Bioresources, Energy, Environment, and Materials Technology 2019 (BEEM2019)

Sustainable development has called for efficient bioresource utilization, sustainable energy production, effective environmental remediation/management, and advanced material development. Researches and innovations are critical to satisfy these pressing needs. This proposed conference will offer a timely opportunity to stimulate new research activities in technological and managerial advancement. Eminent academic researchers, industrial practitioners, green groups, and governmental departments from different sectors in the local and international context will gather to share scientific and technical inputs as well as political feedback through active discussion.

Conference Objectives

  • Encourage collaborations among academics, industrial sectors, green groups, and governmental bodies at the local and international level to develop and exercise novel assessments and practices in fields;
  • Facilitate information exchange, knowledge transfer, and idea stimulation among overseas and local experts
  • Promote awareness and knowledge of bioresources, energy, environment and materials technology among stakeholders.

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