Solutions for COVID-19 Pandemic Control: Vaccines and Beyond

January 2021 marks the first anniversary of the start of the COVID-19 global pandemic and the world is still struggling in containing the spread of the disease with ongoing surges of infection in many countries. In the previous two APRU Crisis Management Webinars, distinguished faculty members and guests discussed epidemiological and policy aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic. At this critical juncture, more efforts are needed from governments, international organizations, private sectors, research institutions and other stakeholders to support and develop new technologies and products. One of the most inspiring news nowadays is the potential success of COVID-19 vaccine development.

The upcoming third APRU Public Health Crisis Management Webinar, in collaboration with four APRU universities (Peking University, University of California Los Angeles, University of Sydney, and National University of Singapore), and led by the Peking University School of Public Health, will focus on potential solutions for COVID-19 pandemic control. In this webinar, speakers will review progresses and challenges facing, the development and application of the new technologies and products for controlling COVID-19 pandemic, discuss the strategies and measures which have been implemented, share lessons learned and offer future directions from broad perspectives.

Solutions for COVID-19 Pandemic Control: Vaccines and Beyond

Date and Time
17:00-19:00 January 12, 2021 (Los Angeles)
9:00-11:00 January 13, 2021 (Beijing, Hong Kong and Singapore)
12:00-14:00 January 13, 2021 (Sydney)

For more information about the webinar and speaker information, please visit here.

Additional Information
This webinar is open to the public and will be recorded for those who cannot attend live.

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