Session 8: Vulnerable Communities and Climate Justice

Climate change is associated with increased intensity and frequency of extreme events which disproportionately impact vulnerable communities around the world. The socially constructed risks from systemic vulnerability and injustice for generations and across geographical locations, combined with climate change-associated impacts, have presented challenges at the local scale to address climate justice and sustainable development goals for building resilient communities.

This webinar invites authors from the Routledge Handbook of Sustainable Cities and Landscapes in the Pacific Rim to provide theoretical framing, methodology, and case studies from the Philippines, India, Taiwan, Indonesia, Korea, Australia, and the United States.

Date & Time

November 29 at 5 pm (PST)
November 30 at 9 am (UTC+8)


  • Chingwen Cheng
  • John Ceffrey Eligue
  • Indrajit Pal
  • George C. Yao
  • Adam Bobbette
  • Heejin Choi

View the recording here!