Session 3: Urban Sanitation and the Sustainable Development Goals: The Role of Container-Based Sanitation

The world is not on track to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals for urban sanitation. There is chronic underfunding and a lack of innovative thinking in the urban sanitation sector. However, there is a growing shift towards a citywide inclusive sanitation (CWIS) framework which, brings more contextual, sustainable, and equitable solutions. Adding to the situation’s complexity is the urgent need for the sanitation sector to consider its climate impact as a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.

This session will explore the opportunities and limitations of using Container-Based Sanitation, an innovative system of sanitation service delivery, to address the urban sanitation crisis. Speakers will address cost-effectiveness, results-based financing, human rights, carbon credits, and climate change impacts. In addition, this webinar will delve into the reality of providing essential human rights services to the most vulnerable populations.


Date & Time

September 13 at 5 pm (PDT)/
September 14 at 8 am (HK time)



Kory Russel (University of Oregon) and Isabella Montgomery (Container Based Sanitation Alliance)



This webinar brings together representatives from five different Container-Based Sanitation organizations providing services across South America, Africa, and South Asia to discuss how the Sustainable Development Goals for urban sanitation coverage can be achieved.


View the recording here.

Prof Kory Russel
Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture and Environment Studies at the University of Oregon and Chair, Container Based Sanitation Alliance
Claire Remington
Deputy Director of Research and Innovation at SOIL
Raluca Anisie
Impact Specialist at Mosan Sanitation Solution
Arturo Llaxacondor
CEO at Sanima in Lima Peru